Golf course

Built in 1976, the Almerimar Golf Course is the doyen in the entire province of Almeria. The designers, Rob Kirby and Gary Player, came up with a golf course that combined water hazards and palm trees for more play possibilities and challenges.

The tourist apartments are near the golf course (150m)

The golf course is only 150 meters away. Golf lovers will enjoy this flat course with wide fairways and tended greens. Almerimar golf course conditions are adapted for players of all level.


The Almerimar Golf course has 27-holes in an area of approx. 802,000 m² set in a beautiful landscape of palm trees and lakes. As the only golf course with 27-holes in the province of Almeria it offers enormous play possibilities and challenges.

El Ejido offers quality accommodation, which is becoming more extended and diverse every day, in line with the current demand. El Ejido offers the possibility to enjoy beautiful beaches with different attractions. The ones in Almerimar allow visitors to have sea front accommodation.

Vegetables produced in the most natural way. Externally strong, internally soft. They make up El Ejido’s landscape. El Ejido’s greenhouses are the only man-made element that Pedro Duque, the Spanish astronaut, could see from the Space Shuttle Discovery, though the authentic beauty of these structures is provided by the work of all of the farmers who naturally look after and care for the tastiest and healthiest vegetables. There are more than 14,000 hectares in production and a property system that reflects a highly distributed economy, with more than 8,000 owners

27 hole guide

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